Belt Conveyors Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are widely used to carry load of bulk material along horizontal or inclined paths. They also carry light weight material from one spot of operation to another. They can be called the most commonly used conveying equipments. We manufacture various types of belt conveyors such as stationary portable and mobile conveyors that are capable of carrying high load to high extent of inclinations.

The belt conveyor that we offer is equipped with AEC 100 Friction Driven Belt Bends which ensures positive transfer of various products from various packages to bins. It has the capacity to carry load up to 50kg at speed that ranges from 5m/min to 60m/min without changing the position of the product.

Belt Conveyors - Conveying equipments

Listed below are some of its specific features :

• Sturdy solid framework
• Standard range of modules (can be customized on the clients request)
• High density conical end rollers
• 2Ply Non mono belting
• Vulcanized belt joints
• Positive belt guiding system
• Produce Low noise
• Facilitates Belt change within 30 minutes

Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors

Some of the many advantages of the belt driven conveyors are as follows:

• Comes with roller to make location and mobility easy.
• Provided with a friction belt under the roller, which gives a conveying surface and reduce the chances   of off tracking and damage to the belt that can happen due to direct contact.
• Pressure rollers can be adjusted to reduce pressure.
• Belt speed is from 30 to 100 FPM.
• Travel direction can be reversed in units up to 100 feet in length and has a center drive.
• Centers are 2.4", 3", 4" and 6", multiples may be provided according to specifications.
• Standard frame widths are 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 30" 36", 42" and 48".
   (Dimensions are given on the outside of the frame.)
• The spring loaded rollers are 1.9" in diameter by 16 ga. with 7/16" hex axles, on required centers.
• Accumulation beds are available.

Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors

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